Triggered emails are behavioral emails sent on the basis of pre-defined events through specific actions or behaviors.

It is likely that people who send triggered emails use automated email systems and are expected to ship content related to consumers’ journeys and interests.

Did you know?
Marketers who take advantage of triggered emails have reported conversion rates of 50% or more.

These emails are delivered to your consumer’s inbox as a result of the action they have taken. They are primarily divided into 2 categories - Event and Segment.

  • Event-based emails - messages get triggered by actions taken by consumers either inside or outside of your application occurring at any specific time.
    Example: Every time you buy something, you receive a confirmation email.
  • Segment-based emails - these are sent when consumers set some pre-defined conditions or activities.
    Suppose a consumer enrolls in your business plan; you may only send a ‘consumer only’ email geared for that business plan.

Trigger emails are beneficial for nurturing consumers to receive the full benefits of your service. For example, Onboarding emails are great to help users move to the next step, and they need to be trigger-based.

Be a tour guide for your consumers - You can send personalized, targeted emails to consumers who haven’t activated any specific feature.

OR you can also send a celebratory message when they complete a particular procedure.

Because these emails act as guides, avoid sending too many emails. These actions emails should cement brand loyalty.

Let’s look at an Example from

They congratulated a consumer after she created a specific campaign.

Congrats on creating your first campaign ~ WowSender
Let’s look at an Example from

Continue the conversation - Never make the mistake of ceasing conversation when a prospect becomes a customer. {Many companies do that!}

The moment after the purchase is the right moment to continue the conversation. You get an opportunity to really understand how you can make the consumer succeed with your service/product.

If you own an eCommerce business, you should also read How to Grow Email Subscribers.

Here is an Example by Dashlane

Their ‘quick tips’ email series is a perfect example of how you can simplify their login process.

Dashlane Quick Tip Onboarding Email ~ WowSender
Here is an Example by Dashlane

Let me give you another example - Are you an expert on Instagram and are sending out ebooks?

Instead of just sending the emails, you can ask such relevant questions as - Do they need help with converting leads to their channel?

Another critical point is that you would want to invite customers’ input. It’s the best way to spark conversation.

Contact about specific details - Consumers need updates about specific details happening in their account.

Example: You can send transactional emails when there is a renewal or cancellation of any order. This way, they won’t be surprised by anything specific happening on their account.

This also helps them take necessary action before the stated deadline. These emails provide information about their account activities and provide high value. This also shows that the brand cares.

Want to be a better marketer? Know-how and when consumers interact with your product, and it will help you adjust to their needs.

Here is an example of a Payment Reminder Email from Thinkful

Thinkful Payment Reminder Email ~ WowSender
Here is an example of a Payment Reminder Email from Thinkful

You should also have triggered emails automated too -

  • Respond to inactivity
  • Reward positive behavior


Triggered email marketing helps customers receive the best experience with your brand. They not only help them stay for long but also trigger them to spread positive words about your brand {Business enhancement through word of mouth}.

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