Email series is a great tool to educate your customers about the latest developments of your products. You can also you email series to provide general information as well.

But did you know that email series can be used for turning prospects into clients as well?

Yes! That is correct. The journey from being a prospect to a client is very vital and requires a lot of patience and experience.

Previously, email blasts were enough to attract prospects. But since digital marketing is on the rise and email marketing is doing so well, turning prospects into clients may not seem that easy.

This is where a good email marketer knows how to use something as basic as an email series to get more business.

How to turn the prospects into clients with Email Series

Email marketing with the help of proper email series can turn your customers into clients. Let's look at how you can do this-

Mapping the Journey of your Customer is a start

Yes, that is correct. By mapping your customer journey you can turn them from prospects into customers.

Customers are usually looking for things and they might not find them on the first try. There are some customers who try to find what they are looking for and may face some problems.

Your job as an email marketer is to identify such problems and create email series to solve them. There are a lot of areas that you can help your customers with email series.

Popular companies such as Amazon and Flipkart have impeccable email series that helps a customer with their journey. Once a customer removes a product from their cart, the customer will receive emails from the company asking them about the product.


We cannot stress this point enough. Personalization is the key to building customer relationships.

A happy customer will bring you lots of revenue. Personalization is a way to make the customer happy.

Nobody enjoys receiving a generic email. Make sure that there is a proper name in the email. The name should match that of the customer.

Also, personalizing can be done much easier by segmenting your email list based on common characteristics shared by your customers. Try out the following classifications-

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Product History

Remember, personalization is about sending the right content to the people who are actually in need of it. This is why segmenting your email list is so important.

Email Automation Works

One of the reasons why you should keep track of your customer journey is because email marketing becomes easier.

A lot of customer behavior is predictable and repeatable. This is the same reason why you should adapt email automation in your email marketing strategy as well.

Since the behavior of your customers is repeatable, so will your email series. This is because your customer's behavior will require the same response from your end.

Start popular automated email series such as "Welcome emails". Every time a new customer joins your email list they expect to receive messages from your brand. You shouldn't leave them hanging.

With email automation by your side, you don't have to send them a message every time a new customer joins your email list. Email Automation Tool takes care of it and immediately the new subscriber gets a message from your brand.

Focus on one thing

Yes, that is right. To clear things up, you should send one email for only one problem.

If you look at your customer's buying journey, you will see that they have multiple problems at multiple stages. In the Awareness stage, they may struggle with the quality of the product. In the consideration stage, they may have a problem trying to find out how the product works.

This is when you should send two separate emails from two separate email series. You should send an email series describing the features of the product in the awareness stage. On the second email series, you should attach a product

Also, you should focus on covering each topic on a deeper basis. Try sending emails covering the topic at hand on a deeper scale.

Sending two separate email series keeps the message of every email very clear. Also, your customer does not get confused about the same. Understanding the ultimate call-to-action is the reason why you are sending the emails in the first place.

Data for Better Emails

Look at the analytics section of your email marketing tool to send better emails. Looking at data helps your figure out whether you are on the right track.'

Email marketing tools can give you most of the data required for you to send relevant email series. Depending on the stage of your customer journey, you should look at your data.

If your customer is in the Awareness phase, then look at the open and click-through rates. Whereas, if they are in the consideration phase, look at the conversion rates.

Also, you can use A/B testing to understand what works for your audience better. After all, your customers are going to read the email series. Getting a fair idea of the content they would like to read will help you develop the content better.

So there you have it. Use email series to get the best of prospects turned into profitable clients. revenue that you are looking for.

When email automation is joined with personalization, converting clients become a little easier as they feel more connected. Also, sending these clients the right content at the right time will help you get the trust and loyalty you are looking for.

The Right Email Marketing Tool such as WowSender will help you get ahead of the competition. Use the email marketing automation tool and the segmenting opportunities to do better with emails.