Success cannot be purchased, it has to be Earned. How often do we hear this? This has not been said by great humans but their experiences have quoted it.

Development around the globe today has brought ever-rising competition with it. On one hand, growth in technology has made day-to-day business easier but on the other, it has brought a difference in the society on the way it is used.

Similarly, there are many online marketing strategies and email marketing was once in high demand. Many people have misunderstood it to be outdated. Well, they are unaware of what is missing out. Email marketing is considered to have a high personalized conversation rate among others only when things are executed adequately. So now use this opportunity to mend your previous mistakes or to adopt new ideas.

Let us begin by understanding why is email engagement necessary? Although you know the tactics to run a campaign, without analyzing its engagement rates your investment is useless.

Email Engagements:

While there is no rooted definition for what email engagement is, highly experienced marketers have worked out some parameters through which one can determine the way customers are committed. Open through or click through rates and conversation rates are three metrics that marketers often notice.

But now the question is when will you declare that the email campaign you run is successful? The idea of what success is may vary but the ultimate goal is to surge high. If you believe that success lies in the engagement rate of an email campaign then here are easy and interesting ways to execute.

1. Targeting strategically

It is quite an easy job to blast your email to all the subscribers in one shot. But will it bring expected results? Ask why not?

The reason is,

  • Such emails lack personalization
  • End up into spam messages
  • Also, you cannot convey the purpose of your message

Therefore it is better to invest some effort to engage them rather than using a shortcut. So your job now is to monitor the users' interest carefully and send a personalized email. Track their requirements, hobbies, interest, and purchase history to attract attention.

To achieve this there are numerous ways possible but it all comes down to the way it is implemented.

2. Appealing Subject Lines

What is it that will reach your readers first? It is a subject line. It should develop the urge to open your email. If this is not planned properly, then it is an utter waste of time to design the remaining content. What should the framework of your subject line be?

  • Short but crisp
  • It should precisely match one's interest
  • Should suggest discounts or coupons.
  • Well, emojis have made it easier to express our emotions online. So why not use them?
  • Expressive keywords should be mentioned in bold or capital letters.
  • Do not forget to add personalization here as well.

3. Involving Visuals

Why do we have to stress to include engrossing visuals? Imagine receiving a bland, text-forward message. What will be your reaction? Far from acting will you even desire to read it? Probably not!

So if you are thinking of sending text-only messages then gather your guts to bid the desired success a goodbye.

Simple images can also do their work well but some animations and graphics can leave a greater impact. Well, you always have the scope to improve! Using videos can also give you a better output. Visual content can increase the click-through rate three times than before. So use this strategy well.

4. Providing the necessary Value

No experienced marketer messes up with this point. Without providing actual value you cannot tame success. Will anybody be interested in negotiating for your deal?

This time when you shall draft an email, just hold back for a moment and ask yourself what are you trying to pull off with this email? Indeed, you should have a clear answer and if not then certainly it lacks value.

Your email must have something valuable. So work to attain the purpose.

5. Make use of Social Proofs

Social proof is exactly the right tool you need to increase the engagement rate of an email campaign. We assuredly get moved by factual reports about a trend. But what should you choose, facts or social proof? Before answering this, just think about what will you rely more upon, numbers or emotions?

Knowing what others have gained before you or providing a personalized story based on experiences can attract people to choose your brand first.

This strategy has concreted its place in business today. It is not only effective but also result worthy. Apply this now or else repent for your mistake later.

6. Users should find it convenient.

We always desire to live as comfortable a life as possible. After a hard-working day, all one wants is peace and rest. Won't it be annoying to see the inbox flooded with hundreds of messages? Therefore effectiveness lies in making their lives easier. But how exactly can you make it convenient? Follow the ways below:

  • The content you provide should have a different format. If you send a video first the next time you can experiment with audio.
  • Important parts should be highlighted
  • It should also be a trailer for what you will send next.

Try this to make your emails more convenient than before.

7. Include CTA's

If you want to call your customers to action then tell them to do so in an interesting way. You urge them to download something, visit your official page or follow you, leave a comment, and many more.

The best way to include a CTA is by hyperlinking your email directly to a page where they can get more information about your brand or product. This can be also used in promoting things.

8. Ask for feedback

The final tip from our side is that it is essential to request feedback from readers. None of the successful campaigns has ever forgotten to mention this. But why should you ask for feedback? There are multiple benefits:

  • This will initiate a communication line among you.
  • It is a non-annoying way which will benefit you as well as customers.
  • It will show your concern and longing to improve.

When you shall know what your consumers think of your approach or product you can judge the extent to which you have engaged them.


In a nutshell, if you presume that Email Marketing is undergoing a decline then, hang on! Be ready to see the tables turn. Because when you are armed with the insights mentioned above then lock your seatbelts to traverse new heights.

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