You might know gaining perfection isn't easy. Ever struggled to hit the spot? Each one of you may have stumbled upon a mistake in the way. How did you balance? Everybody in this world has permission to commit mistakes. But nature will only accept those whom you will try to learn from it.

One mistake can teach you many things. When you accept it, they become experiences. To run an email campaign isn't easy. Every marketer is running a race today; trip over, and you're out.

We know, creating an email needs hours of effort from brilliant minds, from choosing a template to finally hitting the blast button. After all, this hard work, what if you find that the email hasn't reached peoples' inboxes? Isn't it more heartbreaking than anything? Ask yourself, where did you fall back? And we have the answer for it.

First, there is always a common misconception that email delivery and email deliverability are both the same. Before we even try to improve the deliverability, we should be aware of what it is.

So let's start withdrawing a clear line differentiating both email delivery and email deliverability.

Email Delivery

Ask yourself, "Will the receiver let your message reach the mailbox?"

Let's imagine a situation to get a distinct idea. Suppose a delivery man has entered your locality with an ordered item but is not able to find your home. Then what will be his next move with the item?

Similarly, when do we say an email is successfully delivered? Certainly, when it reaches the expected recipients' mailbox irrespective of whether it reaches the inbox or spam folder.

Email Deliverability

Well, here, ask, "Will it make its way to the inbox?"

In other words, deliverability will decide the exact landing location of your email. Our email should reach the inbox and not the spam application as an organizer.

Many times the email is delivered, but the deliverability gets affected. If not executed properly, it is prone to face issues. And the reasons are:

  • Use of faulty email address
  • The user has blocked interaction with you
  • The email you draft isn't approved or legal
  • Or subscribers have lost the interest

Worried? Hang on! These reasons should not be up your list anymore. Because henceforth, you will find only the ways to improve email deliverability.

1. Authentication of Email Domain

If you do not enable the Sender Policy Framework, you risk your game and let somebody else take control of your domain. Which marketer would ever want this to happen?

Your foremost job is to prove to the ISPs your loyalty and that the emails you send are value-worthy. This is only possible when you verify the email content with SPF.

2. Maintenance of proper IP address

Any default in the infrastructure can potentially affect the deliverability. As your business tends to grow, the system should have a frictionless development as well. Once you reach the target of 25000 emails per day, dedicate an email to the IP address. The next time you use the IP address, you have to scan it before mass mailing.

Remember, do not just add IPs to escape the penalties. If found so, then according to the Sender Policy Framework, an entire IP pool can be blocked.

3. The Opt-in process

What method do you use to collect the email addresses? Because deliverability depends largely on this. A perfect opt-in procedure will help you keep the list up-to-date with active users' email addresses. If you try to mail people who did not expect your message, you may report it as spam, and you may lie in danger.

To avoid such situations, you can use double opt-in, which will verify the list in detail. Marketers using this method have seen success so far.

4. Engrossing Subject Lines

What is it that will improve your email in every aspect? Yes, it is a subject line. This is essentially what will decide the end location of your email. So shouldn't it be an eye-catching one? Here are some of the trending ways to create a subject line:

  • It should have a crunch
  • It should precisely tell what your email has
  • Expressive phrases which would touch exact emotion should be used.
  • This should also be customized to receivers' interests.

Remember, while creating the subject line, you should sound too pushy鈥攃ertainly no restriction on the usage of attractive words.

5. Ask their Preference

If the customer has agreed to receive messages, it doesn't mean that you can frequently keep mailing. How foolish would it seem to gamble upon this opportunity? Let them choose how frequently they desire mail from your brand. This will also help in maintaining one on one communication.

Consider their choices and design the email accordingly.

6. Timely refresh your list

Once you grab a certain pace, there is no room to look back? You have to motor upon your strategy and plans. The longer you keep readers unengaged, the greater you will push yourself in peril because you are risking both reputation and position. This will ultimately affect the deliverability rate.

Provide your customers an easy option to opt-out. Hence, there can be customers who may suddenly unsubscribe from the process. Now your job is to ensure that the next time you are sending emails to only those engaged with the campaign.

7. Do not fall into spam traps.

The ISPs and email organizational communities have laid spam traps to catch unethical activities done by spammers. Unluckily if an email makes its way into this spam trap, with no more delay, the sender will be flagged on the spammers' list.

Once you are spotted, it鈥檚 difficult to wipe it out. Isn't it best to avoid such spam traps? You can do this while keeping your books clean, containing only the subscribers. And also, never try to purchase a random email list.

8. Know the choice of people

When you're trying to improve deliverability, you have two groups to please, one the ISPs and the other your customers. But if the latter is pleased with your content, the former will have no complaints. ISPs are in place to protect the rights of end-users. Therefore you should never compromise in providing quality content.

Moreover, if they find it interesting and valuable, they might step forward to start an interaction. This is what one would ever desire from an email campaign.


In a nutshell, we would like to say that no matter how engrossing your email is, it becomes effective only when it is delivered. After achieving this, you can crazily design amusing subject lines and valuable content. So, improve your deliverability and tighten your position in the race.

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