One of the most important techniques that email marketing has to offer is the use of email newsletters. Email newsletters usually contain important information about the industry of which the brand is a part. But email marketers have found ways to monetize email newsletters too!

We will look into the "how" factor. But first, let us talk about a few more important things.

Email Newsletters - A Brief Story

The most common type of email sent through email marketing is an email newsletter. As the name suggests, email newsletters usually contain some kind of information or news about the industry which the brand is a part of or important news or updates about their products.

Email newsletters may not have the best reputation in the market but a carefully thought email newsletter aligned with your Email Marketing Strategy has higher chances of getting noticed by your readers.

Still don't believe us? Then here are the benefits listed for you-

  1. Increase in traffic - Email newsletters contain very effective points or how-to guides. They sometimes contain links to relevant and important articles as well. Hence email newsletters have the capacity to increase your website traffic.
  2. Brand recognition - If you are looking to build brand authority then email newsletters are the perfect way to do so. Brand recognition can be built if you send important emails to your customers. If your customers are looking forward to receiving your email newsletters, then half the job is done.
  3. Better sales - Even though email newsletters do not promote primary sales, but they can be used very effectively as a sales tool. You can use a how-to guide and show your audience how your products can solve their problems. This way your customers will have an interest in buying your products.
  4. Social media - If you have a social media handle and don't know how to get followers and subscribers then an email newsletter is the perfect tool for you. Attach a link to your social media handle and sent them using your email newsletters. In the email mention why your readers should also be a part of your social media channel.

Now that you know how effective sending email newsletters can be, let's look at how you can monetize them for your brand and earn from it.

How to Monetize Email Newsletters?

There are several ways to monetize your email newsletters. Follow these strategies to get started -

Include ads

When you are sending email newsletters, including an ad might not hurt. Think about it. Email newsletters are usually well-received emails. Which means that they usually have a high open rate. Including an ad in these kinds of emails is a good idea.

You do not have to dedicate a lot of space to these ads. Use a small space for the ad itself. Including too many ads will hurt the email itself and the readers will end up being confused.

Usually, an advertiser will be interested in your emails because you are a brand that deals in specialized products and has a niche customer base. It makes their ads profitable.

If you can include one or two such ads then you are good to go.

Promote sponsored content

Another way you can monetize your email newsletters is through promoting sponsored content.

A sponsored content usually is the same as any other form of content, but it has a monetary component attached to it. Usually, the links attached with these articles are monetized.

If you are dealing with sponsored content then you have to be a little careful. Make sure that you promote only content that has a link with your brand. It can be products that are used in the same industry. Also, tell your readers that the content is sponsored. This way your readers will also have an idea that it is not about your brand. Do it by using a small disclaimer at the bottom or at the top.


If you run an online magazine then you can add a link for subscriptions in your email newsletter. It is just like getting a subscription to your hand-held magazine.

Find out which are the most read content in your blog or social media post, create an email version of it and circulate it among your readers. If they like the email then they might want a subscription to your online magazine for more such content.

Affiliate links are links that you can use to earn a commission when someones use your link to buy a certain product.

You can use your email newsletters to circulate an affiliate link and earn a commission on every sale made.

The key is to choose which products you want to refer to as an affiliate marketer. If you chose products outside your domain, then you might not be as successful as you were hoping to be.

Sell your own

Last but probably the best way to earn money from email newsletters is to sell your own products or services. By selling your own products or services you will be able to maximize your revenue targets a lot faster than relying on affiliate links or commission-based links.

Use your most read content to market your products and services through email marketing. Once they are convinced with the content they will be interested in checking out products and buying them.

So there you go. Now you know how to monetize your email newsletters. If your goal is to be a successful entrepreneur, then email marketing is the perfect tool that you need to master.

With money coming in from email newsletters you should focus on getting yourself and your brand an email marketing tool like WowSender. Sending an email newsletter is so easy.