The pandemic has affected our lifestyles in all possible ways. Face-to-face contact became almost impossible. Well, this topic might seem a bit annoying but we cannot deny the truth and the tough consequences we have faced.

Although the situations weren't good, there was a ray of hope. When everything fell silent, marketers and business professionals started targeting the online platform to emerge. This allowed them to reach beyond their horizons. Hence, Email Marketing has seen a similar surge.

Reportedly, the email engagement rate has increased to 78% through this pandemic. But some economic crisis was also seen. Subsequently, there was a demand for more with less.

Today, the pandemic has changed the stats of email marketing to its peaks. Acting according to the situations has become important to overcome the hurdles and draft a solid plan. Therefore, we are presenting you with some stats which will help you.

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1. What will be the number of emails sent every day?

Believe us or not, there will be around 347 billion emails transactions every day. Back in 2019, the count was 294 billion. Email marketing is observing success in sales outgrowth, customer support, and lead nurturing although it is lacking in other areas.

2. How many people are engaged with emails?

The present count is 4 billion and it is expected that by 2024 this will reach 4.5 billion. Why do you think email marketing is gaining pace again? Because people are finding it as the simplest way to communicate and interact with the producers. Customers can also give their feedback through this. As time is progressing many customers are getting in contact with this, hence connecting worldwide businesses.

3. How frequently are the subscribers demanding an email?

Around two-thirds of the prospects are asking for an email at least once a week from the brand they are dedicated to. Well people desire to get an email, but how frequently? Depends on the type of customers and their interests. The condition applied here is that they should be personalized and drafted to their interest.

4. 35% of Marketers release their emails three to five per week.

The frequency with which you should deliver the emails to customers solely depends upon the reaction you get. Do not end up annoying them until they are obliged to hit the unsubscribe button. If you are not sure about this count then survey at the beginning and ask for their choice. In this way, you can keep your interaction intact.

5. Are emails effective at generating revenue?

What does your experience say? Well, according to the stats list for 2021, 59% of marketers believe in this. Do you agree with this? When it comes to increasing customer acceptance and their involvement, there are numerous marketing strategies to apply. In this situation, you should be up to date with the Email Marketing software. This will help to mold your campaign.

6. What is the best day to deliver an email?

Yes, to your surprise, according to the survey, Tuesday holds the first position for attracting engagement, and Thursday is next to close to it. According to us, you should avoid any communication on Monday because people are typically trying to get through their tiresome work, and there are chances that your email may get buried among the hustle and bustle. Also, avoid Fridays as people are busy planning their weekend vacation.

7. What results will personalization bring?

88% of readers have responded that they favor receiving emails that they feel are personally addressed to them. Personalization attracts customer acquisition and helps you improve. Personalized emails bring a sense of belongingness and interest as they feel; you can read their minds and know what your needs are for the time being.

8. Increase in click-through rates

Analysis has stated that the segmentation of an email has increased its click-through rate by 50%. There is an increase in the revenue by 760%, as stated by DMA. Until now, if you were sending the same email to all your subscribers, then reconsider doing it after you read this.

9. Which Email is leading the pack today?

They are the welcome emails. In a way, this email is the king of all with an 82% open rate. So we hope you have understood what we are about to say? Exactly! An amazing start will encourage you to lead a successful campaign. Welcome emails have hit the metrics with four times the open rates and more than ten times the click-through rates of other types.

10. Which device has held its position high?

We all know that the use of mobile phones has multiplied by many folds through the recent past. And this count is of no surprise that 55% of the global internet traffic is observed on Mobile phones. So this means that if the emails aren't visible on mobile phones, then you are at risk of missing a lot of views. But there are 20% of campaigns aren't optimized.

11. How often do people check their phones for emails?

The analysis says that 59% of millennials and around 67% of generation z check their phones more frequently than others. These generations have become very handy with the use of mobile phones. And hence they make most of the buyers. Your job now indeed is to keep them in touch.

12. The most successful way to set up communication.

Yes! An email has proved to be an effective way to achieve one on one communication when it comes to brand advertising. Now you will be astonished by the numbers we are going to present. 74% baby boomers, 72% generation X, 64% millennials, and 60% generation Z users have established a good network through emails. Nothing can beat this count when you are genuinely aiming for high engagement rates.

13. To what extent has Automation helped?

The autoresponder emails have seen the highest open-through rate among all, which is 98%, while the click-through rate is 37%. Automating your email campaigns is generally useful and reduces your work. That is why almost 85% of business professionals use marketing software which also tends to provide accuracy.

14. How is the A/B test helping Email Campaigns?

By 2022, your email marketing ROI can be as high as 37% with A/B testing. Brands dedicating time to take up the A/B testing has seen a huge surge in its index. Therefore if you want a quick boost, include A/B testing as a regular part of this marketing strategy. Here you can try anything and choose the best results.


Right now, you have to focus on optimizing emails to be viewed on mobile phones; knowing the right time to blast emails, segmentation according to demographics will help in reaching the audience. We hope that the above figures will help you plan your games for 2022. Here is a stat for you that can help.