Email marketing is not the same anymore. It has been for a long time and it is getting better day by day. In fact, if you search properly, you will find data to prove it.

One such data proves that email marketing provides the highest return on investment or popularly known as ROI. It is almost 44$ for every 1$ spent. Yes, you can actually expect such returns from email marketing.

But what if you are not realising such high results from your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Well, then maybe you are doing something wrong. In this article, we will talk about what you may have been doing wrong all this while. Also, we will tell you how you can fix them in 2022.



Segmentation of email list segmentation is the process of separating your email list based on different common characteristics shared by your customers.

Most email marketers do not realize the importance of email list segmentation. All they do is send an email blast to all the contacts in the email list. It used to work before but now it doesn't.

Research has shown that customers prefer receiving emails that they can connect with. This is why email list segmentation is so important these days.

For example, a customer who is twenty years old will probably have different tastes in fashion than a customer who is fifty years old. In order to attract both these customers, separate emails have to be sent.

If you are new to email list segmentation, then follow these email list segmentation classifications to get started-

  • Use age, gender, monthly income, and profession for email list segmentation. You customers of the same age and similar profession will have a lot in common. Use your emails to target these people.
  • Use purchase history to separate your email list into different segments. Two people who were looking for the same product can be re-targeted through email marketing and be sent the same email.
  • Geographical location plays a vital role in email list segmentation. Classify your customers based on geographical location and focus on each segment. This kind of email list segmentation is especially important if you are running a regional promotion campaign.

Subject Line

Subject Line

Subject Line

The next most important factor that you should keep in mind is the subject line. If your subject line is boring and weak, then nobody is going to open your emails.

Yes! That is true. If you have drafted a weak subject line, then chances are your emails will end up in the trash bin. Research suggests that a user opens an email if they like the subject line.

We have a few suggestions for you if you want to make your subject lines interesting enough to get high open rates-

  • Try adding a hook to your subject line. If the subject line is not interesting then your readers will not open your email. Add a question to your subject line. This will arouse the curiosity of your customers.
  • Drive a sense of urgency through your subject lines. Use phrases such as "Hurry up" or "Few products left" to make the emails sound urgent.

Too Many Emails

Too Many Emails
Too Many Emails

Yes! Sending too many emails can be a huge problem. Many studies have shown that customers have actually marked companies in spam because they sent too many emails to their customers.

So now the question is "How many emails should you send?". Well, there is no definitive answer to the question, but you should try and send at least one email a week.


Email marketing is a constant ongoing process. This is also a major issue why companies do not realize the true flavor. Because they are inconsistent with sending emails.

There are various reasons why companies have this issue. Some companies face resource shortages for email marketing. Others simply do not believe in email marketing. Whatever is the reason, email marketing requires consistency.

The simple way you can avoid this problem is by curating content beforehand. Draft your emails in a few days which is to be sent the entire month and every day just take five minutes to send the emails.

When a customer keeps receiving emails from a brand every day or every week, then it is hard for them to forget about the brand. That is the power of consistency when it comes to email marketing.

Better Design

Many of the email marketing gurus have spoken about this. And by this, we mean email design.

Email design is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. If your design is not right, then your audience will have a hard time reading your emails, and also understanding them.

Instead of complicating email design, your job is to simplify it. Try making your emails a little interactive and attractive.

Try doing the following-

  • Use images in your emails. They make matters look attractive and explain the subject matter of the text easily.
  • Make sure that your emails are adaptive. Half the internet users are on mobile phones nowadays. Make sure your emails are adaptive through mobile devices.

So there you have it. The email mistakes that you have been making for so long have to go. We have identified the mistakes for you and also told you how to correct them.

If you want to learn more check out our other articles. To err is human. Hence you will make mistakes. But we will provide you with articles so that you do not repeat them.

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