The one thing that is the heart to do good email marketing is your email list. For those who are new to email marketing, an email list is the list of email addresses that you have gathered for a long time and these are the people who have agreed voluntarily to receive emails from your brand.

Most email marketing professionals realize the need for a good email list. Hence, they dedicate a lot of time to building a good one. They mostly try to add more contacts to the list to increase their market. But that may not be the ultimate solution.

A new email marketer may have just added 100 new contacts on their email list and maybe all hyped up, but building an email list is a lot more than that. The main thing that an email marketer needs to look out for is called customer engagement.

You may have 100 new contacts but you need to make sure that the contacts that you have are actually engaging with the content that you are throwing at them. A lot of KPI's such as open rate, customer engagement rates, etc. can help you understand these key situations.

The Benefits of an Engaged Email List

Well, we have talked about the reason why getting new customers may not be the ideal solution for your email list. But now let us look at the reasons how an engaged customer list is beneficial for an email marketing professional-

Engagement Increases Revenue

Customers who have known your brand for a long time and have engaged with your emails and other forms of communications tend to buy more. Hence your revenue shoots up.

Think about it, if you are given a choice to buy a pair of jeans from a brand which you have a really good idea about, and a brand you don't know much about, where will you buy the jeans from?

Yes, that is correct!

The more engaged your customers are with your brand, the more they are learning about your brand. Hence your customers are becoming loyal to your brand.

This means you are getting customers who will purchase from you for a really long time.

Prospect to Client Conversion

When you come across a person he might not be straightaway converted into a client. He may have just stumbled upon your brand and may want to know more about what you do. This person is known as a prospect.

A prospect is a person, who has not directly contributed to your revenue but has the potential to do so. These kinds of people are really important for your business because they bring in more revenue.

Customer engagement is exactly what these people need to get them to the other side. A good email marketing expert has emails drafted beforehand for clients like them.

You need to inform them about your brand, what you do and how can they benefit from your brand. Also, keep updating them about the latest developments.

Better Knowledge of your Customers

One of the perks of an engaged email list is that you get to know your customers better.

Sending engaging content and looking at their responses is a good way to learn about your audience. The most important factor that you need to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that they reply to your emails. Communication should be a two-way street.

In other words, if your readers have a doubt or need further clarification, they should get a chance to reach out to you. This is how brand loyalty and trust are built.

Better Referrals

An engaged customer is more likely to refer you to others. This is because they trust your brand, your brand has given them that pleasure and that satisfaction that they were actually looking for.

In simpler words, they feel more connected to your brand. That is a good enough reason to refer your brand to their friends and relatives.

You should build proper referral programs also. They tend to help get better results and achieve your goals.

Better Brand Ambassadors

If you think you need to hire a professional to speak for your brand then think again.

If carefully nurtured then your consumers can speak for your brands as well. You can organize contests and events based on the industry your brand is based on.

Let your customers speak for your brand. A lot of new startups are doing this to gain a wide customer base on social media. Let them talk about the pros and cons of your brand. An engaged customer has an idea of the latest developments going on with your brand. They in turn can preach about the same on social media. Research has suggested that people like to receive ideas and information from other people.

Hence you can see why this is a good idea. Also, this works really well to do damage control. If your brand is facing negative criticism on social media, your customers will speak for you.

The Future

Customer engagement is predicted to be the future by most of the research and surveys conducted. Popular email marketers suggest that customer engagement is going to be more important than price, product quality, packaging, etc.

For example, people prefer shopping from popular E-commerce giants such as Amazon and Flipkart. One of the main reasons for this is that these companies keep their customers engaged through email marketing.

So now you know why getting more contacts for your email list may not be the best solution. Customer engagement is important since using all the 500 contacts that you have in an email list is more important than just using the 100 new ones and leaving the rest to dry.

Try building a better email list with an Email Marketing Tool such as WowSender. It will make your email marketing journey a little easier with its cutting-edge techniques at an affordable price.